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The weekly news segments.

Status of this Week’s Episode

Sorry, we were originally going to record and put out yesterday’s episode today due to scheduling conflicts with myself and Kiyan. Today while I was editing the episode, I somehow unknowingly reproduced a known bug with Audition, and when I relaunched the program, it erased our recording. Next week we’ll put up 2 episodes, 1 saturday and 1 sunday, the saturday episode will be the one that was meant to go up yesterday that we’ll have to try and reproduce next week. Apologies all around, and hopefully this won’t happen again.

– Dylan

Weekly News 1/27 – 2/2

Ah, the first of our planned weekly news.

Today Episode 2 of Trust Your Doctor went up which you can find in the Trust Your Doctor category.

Today we also got approved on iTunes! Yay! You can find us here: iTunes

Finally, in case you’re going to try watch along with us, we’re watching The Edge of Destruction, serial number 3 for the First Doctor and for Doctor Who. See you next week!