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If you have questions/comments/concerns/rants/lists/love/hate/theories/writing/etc. about the episodes we’ve watched or about the podcast itself, you can email us at

Questions about the show will be read out in the episode and answered in the show. Anything you’d like us to not read out, or any questions unrelated to the show will not be read in the show, and will instead receive an email response.

2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello lads. Just checked out your latest offering on itunes and just have to say….’brilliant!’ I didn’t think it possible to condense the sheer gravitas of this historically significant episode into a single second’s worth of sound… but here I am, egg on my face, to say, “oh boy, was I mistaken.” Surely you have become Doctor Who fandom’s collective answer to Philip Glass. Kudos!

  2. So ‘The Krynoid Podcast’ is dropping in on ‘Trust Your Doctor…. Oh the humanity!
    I must admit when I first heard this news I rushed for the nearest window to see if it had begun raining frogs… it hadn’t, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wont.
    Personally I’m hoping for an experience somewhere between “The Stars Wars Christmas Special” and “The Harlem Globetrotter’s on Gilligan’s Island”. That is to say, a style of crossover that is at once both inexplicable and off-putting, existentially disturbing yet twee and engendering an overarching sensibility that is in-itself as mad as a bag of hammers. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that like ‘Star Wars Christmas’ and ‘The Globetrotters’, Dylan, Kiyan, Jim and Martin will at some point confront and defeat a mob of poorly designed robots led by a drunk and lecherous Art Carney…. god bless you brave men!
    You might also like to see if you can rope Jim into conscripting his fictional* brother Rob into helping you form the 5 person quorum necessary to reboot the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” franchise. Trust me… I have scripts prepared.

    *Jim’s not fooling anyone,… he’s the Norman Bates of Doctor Who podcasting and his (albeit excellent) skills of vocal mimicry expose him as a greater monster than even the late Jim Henson!

    Yours, Pig Bin Ron.

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