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This page serves as a summary and overview for Trust Your Doctor, one of the two current Decorative Vegetable podcasts. This podcast was the first  that we started, and it is an attempt at watching all of Doctor Who, in order. Or, it was when it was started. It’s evolved quite a bit further. The podcast chronicles Kiyan and Dylan’s adventure through the show, as they sit down each week to discuss the serial that they watched. From our iTunes page:

In this stunning podcast, two average guys try to get through as much Doctor Who as possible without going insane. Currently they’re mainlining their way through Classic Doctor Who. 800 episodes or bust, they say. And on the side, well. Books, Audio Dramas, Comics?!? Anything is possible! So in summary: They’re trying to see how much Doctor Who they can take before dying.

Trust Your Doctor is released on a weekly basis, every Sunday at 9 AM pacific time. Below is episode 0, which should serve as a good introduction to the show.

Where to Find This Show

Now that you know what we do, you can find an episode index here.

Or, if you prefer, you can go here for a continual feed of all of the Trust Your Doctor Episodes. This will always be up to date, even if other places on this site are not.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can find it on iTunes here.
Alternatively, you can also subscribe on Google Play or Spotify.

If you do not own an iDevice, or you would like to use something other than iTunes, here is a link to the podcast rss feed. We’re also on YouTube here.

Keep up to date with the show by liking its Facebook page, and by following its Twitter page.

Most Recent Episode

The most recent episode of Trust Your Doctor is Episode 266, covering Face the Raven. Check its page for the episode and show notes, or listen to the YouTube version embedded below.

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