Triple Play

Season 2 Coming Winter 2019-2020!

Triple Play was the second podcast started by Kiyan and Dylan. This podcast centers around a one day trilogy watching marathon, which is followed by some research into the trilogy at hand. The next day, Kiyan and Dylan meet to record an episode of Triple Play. Triple Play is now a seasonal podcast.

For season 1, the show followed the following format: This show released approximately every two months, due to the time commitment and mental fidelity required to do these movie marathons. In the interim months, a special “half episode” is released covering an expanded universe item related to the previous trilogy. For example the half episode for Jurassic Park covered the book that the film was based on, while the half episode for the Star Wars Original Trilogy covered the Holiday Special.

For season 2 onwards Triple Play releases a season of approximately 6 episodes at once, weekly. Each episode covers a single movie trilogy, which we watched in a day and researched for a week.

Triple Play is released on a monthly basis, with new episodes on the first Wednesday of every month at 9 AM pacific time. You can listen to Episode 0 below to get a better feel for the show.

Where to Find This Show

You can find an episode index for this show here.

If you prefer, there is a continual feed of all the Triple Play episodes here. This will always be up to date, even if other places on this site are not.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can find it on iTunes here. Alternatively, you can also subscribe on Google Play, or Spotify.

If you do not own an iDevice, or you would like to use something other than iTunes, here is a link to the podcast RSS feed. We’re also on YouTube here.

Keep up to date with the show by liking its Facebook page, and by following its Twitter page.

Most Recent Episode

Our most recent episode of Triple Play is Episode 24.5, covering Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. This episode is the season finale for season 1 of Triple Play. Check out its page for audio and show notes, or listen to the embedded video below.

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