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Episode 24: Why Are You Hitting Yourself?

Why are you hitting yourself?

In what is a common occurrence on Trust Your Doctor but what appears to be rather rare on Zenith, we completely disregard fan wisdom and go way against the grain and basically just form an opinion so far removed from common knowledge that people were dreading this episode before it even went out. It’s Gambit, written by Robert Holmes and aired on March 20, 1979.


17:33 Just look at all of the credits Deep Roy has. Look at it. Freaking insane.
18:28 Speed chess.

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Episode 11.5: Pyrotechnic Energy Plasmoids

Do you even know what pyrotechnics are?

This month you can tell we were kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. The problem is not that there’s no X-Men stuff to cover, it’s that theres too much. And too much of it is too complex for us to put together an episode in a month. So we decided to cover Night of the Sentinels, the first two episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series. It was written by Mark Edwards Eden and aired in October and November of 1992.


3:26 Dazzler. Weird how her Wikipedia page has more info than her X-Men Wiki page. Anyway, she was in Pryde of the X-Men, but I don’t remember her being a big part of the story. Don’t think she was in the movies.
4:59 For more info about The Road, read this article about The Road, conveniently titled The Road. You can also read it on the road. Or you could just read The Road.
5:04 No, that’s The Long Walk, the first book Stephen King ever wrote. But not the first he published. And sure as hell not the last. Dang Stephen King.
8:29 Look at this. I mean look at this. This is just a random cartoon and it looks so much better than most stuff out there. Of course they did blow a ton of the animation budget on the intro and the actual series looks nowhere near as good 99% of the time, but still.

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