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Episode 11.5: Pyrotechnic Energy Plasmoids

Do you even know what pyrotechnics are?

This month you can tell we were kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. The problem is not that there’s no X-Men stuff to cover, it’s that theres too much. And too much of it is too complex for us to put together an episode in a month. So we decided to cover Night of the Sentinels, the first two episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series. It was written by Mark Edwards Eden and aired in October and November of 1992.


3:26 Dazzler. Weird how her Wikipedia page has more info than her X-Men Wiki page. Anyway, she was in Pryde of the X-Men, but I don’t remember her being a big part of the story. Don’t think she was in the movies.
4:59 For more info about The Road, read this article about The Road, conveniently titled The Road. You can also read it on the road. Or you could just read The Road.
5:04 No, that’s The Long Walk, the first book Stephen King ever wrote. But not the first he published. And sure as hell not the last. Dang Stephen King.
8:29 Look at this. I mean look at this. This is just a random cartoon and it looks so much better than most stuff out there. Of course they did blow a ton of the animation budget on the intro and the actual series looks nowhere near as good 99% of the time, but still.

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Episode 11: A-popcorn-lypse

We don’t eat while recording. Surprise.

This month we return to watch another trilogy that we actually watched in December (I think. I can’t even remember anymore.) It’s X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. Logan is currently sitting at what 95% on Rotten Tomatoes? Which is a pretty far cry from Apocalypse, but we sat through that movie for you anyway.


4:51Mag-neato. Pretty neat how this never actually got made. Instead they made First Class, which is a first class movie in my book.
6:01 The heck is this crap?
6:39 Speaking of Inception, apparently some ideas behind Inception and First Class were similar.
9:17 More about Lawrence, Mystique, and possible Mystique spinoff.
15:54 Oh god. Oh god. Vaughn. No.
17:50 Some stuff about special effects and some of the tight schedules they faced.
18:56 Read those article here and here.
19:27Here’s more about the most famous scene from Days of Future Past.
19:45 And here’s more about the shameless rehash of that scene in the next movie.
22:49 Yup. Well, this is probably just a joke. But yup. Almost as bad as those La La Land “If you’ve already seen it, see it again” ads.
33:39 Bryan Singer is dead in the X-men universe.
34:04Those cheekbones.
45:42 If you don’t know what it looks like, this is what it looks like. Also I guess it wasn’t where I thought it was, unless they also put one up on that huge billboard across the street from LAX.

Other stuff:
Interview with cast & crew of Days of Future Past.
Special effects in Apocalypse
Days of Future Past interview with Bryan Singer
Interview with Michael Fassbender
90 things to know about Days of Future Past
Costume designer Louise Mingenbach on Days of Future Past


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Episode 6: Beyond Metal

We’ve gone too deep into music genres!

This month Kiyan and Dylan experience more superhero movies. Just like how there’s a superhero bubble in the real movie world, we’ve created one in Triple Play. How long do you think it will be until it bursts? Soon. Very soon. Does that count as a spoiler? Anyway, it’s X-Men, X2, and X3: The Last Stand. Check out some show-notes below where we’ve listed our sources and made any corrections that we needed to.


4:10 The original and still-running X-Men comic series saw a boost in popularity in the mid 70s. This fansite seems to be a nice resource for those looking to get into the comics (good luck, you’ll need it), and even features this 7-page introductory article.
5:45 Earlier this year, Bryan Singer discussed the state of superhero movies pre-X-Men and how he helped revitalize the genre.
6:06 Chris Claremont’s original vision for the X-Men movie never panned out, but you can read a bit about it here.
8:20 This article from 2000 touches on some challenges Singer faced on the set.
9:57 Joss Whedon had a few choice words about how his edits to the first film’s script were scrapped.
11:30 Writer Tom DeSanto discusses the decision to give the characters darker and “more realistic” costumes.
14:34 Russel Crowe was first pick for Wolverine, but he recommended Jackman instead.
14:40 Articles from before the first movie’s release, like this one, even attested that Scott was definitely a part of the project. Whoops!
17:06 We’re sure you know what Enchanted is.
21:45 You can read more about how special effect artist “Jimmy Claws” created Wolverine’s claws here.
25:25 It was actually John Powell who composed for Ice Age 2 and X3.
27:29 X2’s writers discuss how the writing process was more intimately linked to the rest of the creation of the film than it normally is.
31:27 Here’s that article from American Cinematographer if anyone’s interested.
32:41 And if anyone’s really interested, here’s a 14 page document from Kodak detailing various film types.
37:43 Here’s some of what Kinberg has to say about working with Penn on X3’s script and which characters were going to be a part of the movie.
41:50 The scene in all of its ridiculous glory. And here’s a little article that details some of the secrecy behind the filming of the scene.
51:06 The brief scene with Cyclops teaching.

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