Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast

In this stunning podcast, two average guys try to get through as much Doctor Who as possible without going insane. Currently they’re mainlining their way through Classic Doctor Who. 800 episodes or bust, they say. And on the side, well. Books, Audio Dramas, Comics?!? Anything is possible! So in summary: They’re trying to see how much Doctor Who they can take before dying.

Trust Your Doctor is our flagship podcast and releases weekly each Sunday at 9AM Pacific. After catching up to Doctor Who, we’re currently doing Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures while we wait for more Doctor Who content.

Inevitable: A Classic Sci-Fi Podcast

We’re not doing this for you.

We’re not doing it for us.

We know not at what depths the currents that compelled us to discuss and “review” classic sci-fi tv and movies in a laid-back, slightly analytical, somewhat-humorous fashion run.

So what do we know?

It was all inevitable.

Inevitable: A Classic Science Fiction Podcast runs interchangeably with Triple Play and when active releases every Wednesday at 9AM Pacific. Inevitable covers a veritable gamut of classic Science Fiction, ranging from Star Cops to Children of the Stones to Sapphire and Steel to The Prisoner and beyond… We love hearing suggestions for TV shows to cover, please reach out and let us know what to do next!

Triple Play: A Movie Trilogy Podcast

In this (currently a bit sporadic) podcast, Kiyan and Dylan bring their “expertise” in film and television into the world of movie trilogies. Each episode centers around a trilogy that the duo watched in one sitting, and features behind the scenes information, a brief summary of key plot points, and a discussion on how the movies worked as a trilogy.

Triple Play runs interchangeably with Inevitable: A Classic Science Fiction Podcast and when active releases every other Wednesday at 9AM Pacific. Triple Play has covered movie trilogies ranging from the classic (Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Star Wars) to the obscure (Fred, Troll). Nothing is off limits as long as it has three movies.

Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast

Blake’s 7. The quintessential British Science Fiction Show, depending who you ask. And now, two regular guys who’ve driven themselves a bit mad watching Doctor Who are here to dedicate themselves to podcasting their way through it. Filled with “laughter”, the barest of surface level analyses, and a total inability to take anything seriously, Zenith is the premiere Blake’s 7 podcast.

Zenith is a complete Blake’s 7 Podcast that ran over the course of 2018, covering every single episode of Blake’s 7. Episodes are still available for download and enjoyment.