Hellooooooooo! We are the decorative vegetable “team”. Dylan and Kiyan. Just 2 ordinary guys watching things and making podcasts.

Dylan: Dylan is a random nobody born on the third story of the Millennium Tower in San Francisco. It wasn’t long before he embarked on a quest to become the greatest gardener in the galaxy, coming into close contact with such famous gardeners as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton. His contact with Doctor Who is kept to a consistent minimum due to the fact that fans have regularly told him that his spaceship would be better used as a traveling device rather than a display case for his rare oak trees.

Kiyan: Kiyan is an albino giraffe from Antarctica. He first got into Doctor Who when he watched the premiere episode “Sontarans on Ice: The Ground is Lava” during its original broadcast in 1792. When he’s not ranting about how Armageddon Factor is the best story in all of Doctor Who, he enjoys a wide range of hobbies like zero-g ice fishing, underwater bubblegum blowing, and live commentating professional pogo stick races.


Actually we’re renegade Podcast Lords. Here’s brief summaries of our shows.

Our first  podcast was Trust Your Doctor, where we watch Doctor Who (in order!) and comment on the episodes in our episodes. We started with An Unearthly Child, and we have so far not lost our minds. Mostly.

Our second podcast was one that we actually came up with before Trust Your Doctor. It’s called Triple Play, and it involves us marathoning a movie trilogy and then delving deep into the production information for the trilogy. We then attempt to marry the behind the scenes with our experience watching the trilogy into a coherent episode. We watch a trilogy every two months, and in the off months we explore some expanded universe content related to the previous trilogies.

Our third podcast is basically Trust Your Doctor, but for Blake’s 7, because you can never have enough ropey late 20th century British science fiction, right? It’s called Zenith because we’re not that creative anymore.


And that’s who we are. Thanks for checking us out, and be sure to listen to our podcasts, we’d really appreciate it!

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