Sonic Screwdriver Ex Machina

This is a continually updated list of what the Sonic Screwdriver is capable of doing and the serial/story in which it performed such an action.

  • Unscrew screws. (Fury from the Deep / The Monster of Peladon / The Android Invasion)
  • Cut through things. (The Dominators / The War Games / The Mutants / The Android Invasion)
  • Scan things.  (Colony in Space / The Three Doctors / The End of the World / The Doctor Dances / Bad Wolf)
  • Detonate mines. (The Sea Devils)
  • Generate high pitched sounds. (The Sea Devils / The Green Death / Death to the Daleks)
  • Detonate swamp gas. (Carnival of Monsters)
  • Unbolt bolts. (Frontier in Space)
  • Seal or lock doors. (Planet of the Daleks / Rose / Father’s Day / The Doctor Dances)
  • Check for electric floor plates. (Death to the Daleks)
  • Screw in screws. (The Monster of Peladon)
  • Open doors. (Revenge of the Cybermen / Planet of Evil / The Robots of Death / The Ribos Operation / City of Death / The Horns of Nimon / Full Circle / The End of the World)
  • Heat up things. (Terror of the Zygons)
  • Bust through invisible barriers. (Pyramids of Mars)
  • Unknown purpose. (The Face of Evil / Nightmare of Eden / The Horns of Nimon / The Unquiet Dead)
  • Open safes. (The Sun Makers)
  • Unlock locks. (The Stones of Blood / The Empty Child)
  • Blow up bolts. (The Armageddon Factor / Nightmare of Eden)
  • Blow up bombs. (Destiny of the Daleks)
  • Convince people that escape is possible. (City of Death)
  • Open drawers. (Nightmare of Eden)
  • Escape Rooms. (The Leisure Hive)
  • Unscrew hinges. (Castrovalva)
  • Generate delta waves. (Kinda)
  • Dismantle energy barriers. (The Visitation)
  • Lock urns. (The TV Movie)
  • Deactivate Autons. (Rose)
  • Reverse a sun filter’s motion. (The End of the World)
  • Unlock doors. (Aliens of London / Bad Wolf)
  • Operate a lift. (World War Three / The Long Game)
  • “Triplicate the flammability of port” (but in reality  just bluffing). (World War Three)
  • Hack an ATM. (The Long Game)
  • Blow up an answering machine. (The Long Game)
  • Charge a battery. (Father’s Day)
  • Just for holding. (The Empty Child)
  • Scan bodies. (The Empty Child)
  • Try to set up a resonation pattern in the concrete. (The Doctor Dances)
  • Unlock handcuffs. (The Doctor Dances)
  • Reattach barbwire. (The Doctor Dances)
  • Reverse a teleport. (Boom Town)
  • Blow up a camera. (Bad Wolf)
  • Activating the TARDIS. (The Parting of the Ways)
  • End a transmission. (Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways)
  • Blow up a Christmas tree. (The Christmas Invasion)

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