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Episode 16.5: Be Scared Now

Beep boop activate scare mode beep boop.

This month we covered the only thing that we really could for this movie trilogy. I’m being serious right now, there’s surprisingly, absolutely nothing else we could do for Insidious unless we watched something else that James Wan or Leigh Whannell has done. It’s Insidious: The Last Key, written by Leigh Whannell and released on January 5, 2018.


0:47 Yup, still there.
1:42 Kwan Tak-hing portrayed famous martial artist Wong Fei-hung in over 70 movies, but I don’t think they were all part of the same franchise.
5:44 Superbad?
6:47 Reservoir Doigs is Quentin Tarantino’s first movie and it’s not great.
13:19 According to Nameslist.org, Imagen stands for Industrious Methodical Affectionate Good Emotional Nonconforming. Must be true.
14:50 Follow him on Twitter.
15:12 Pixels sounds really bad.
24:35 A Quiet Place actually looks like it could be good.
24:49 I seriously don’t care about movie reviews, either from fans or “critics,” but this 12% is pretty pathetic.
24:53 Congratulations Blumhouse, you’re finally there, now sit on your throne as the overlords of scare.
25:06 Does the Black Panther trailer belong in front of a horror movie? You decide.
25:15 Yet another one of those trailers that spoils most of the movie. At least Midnight Sun looks terrible so I have no desire to watch it anyway.
33:40 Try and name even one good superhero/comic book movie from the last decade. Go ahead. I guarantee you won’t be able to. And The New Mutants continues that trend.

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Episode 16: People Would Have Different Opinions

This is the greatest conclusion we’ve ever come to.

I think this is the first horror trilogy we’ve done. Well actually I don’t think, I know, I’m just thinking because, man we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for finding tenuous connections to movies coming out in the months these episodes come out. It’s Insidious 1 through 3, released in 2011, 2013, and 2015.


3:33 Wan and Whannell talk about how they got started making movies.
4:53 This scene from Saw II. Watch at your own risk.
7:52 He says that and more in this interview.
9:30 Insidious 1 was made with just $5.
10:19 Jason Blum talks about all the low budget movies his company has made in recent years.
16:34 Joe Bishara talks soundtrack stuff. This is the guy who also played the demon in the first one.
19:11 Never even heard of this movie.
19:24 5 seconds of Google didn’t give me the answer, so I gave up.
21:42 Never met anyone who willingly calls themselves a hipster but apparently this guy does.
9:14 Patrick Wilson on Wan and if he’s coming back for Insidious 3 (he’s not, and he didn’t).
28:49 Some “interesting” stories about the making of Insidious 3 I guess. Pretty lame overall, just like the movie itself.
31:37 Trust Your Doctor is our Doctor Who podcast.
39:50 6 + an unofficial Japanese knockoff/sequel.

Other stuff:
Insidious 3 stuff
Insidious 2 and other James Wan stuff
How much Insidious 1 made (hint: a lot)
More of James Wan on Insidious 2

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