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167: The Famous London Marsh (Aliens of London & World War Three)

Really looking forward to when they bring that back.

This week we return to contemporary London. Well, we did return to contemporary London which is now past London. I think. I don’t remember Big Ben getting taken out by an alien spaceship, but to be fair maybe American didn’t report on that. It’s Aliens of London and World War Three, written by Russell T. Davies and aired on the 16th and 23rd of April, 2005.


20:10 Probably cleaner and more safe than most of the meat produced in the US.
32:06 It’s probably not true, but according to this clickbait-style article, the doors to the cabinet room are soundproof and the front door is actually reinforced steel and not wood.
39:03 Yeah, it’s 18. Trust me. I just checked.
39:47 The Ferengi from Star Trek. No “funny” comment cause I don’t know anything about Star Trek.
41:12 Yeah, that was the motivation of the aliens in Battle Los Angeles, but it looks like that movie wasn’t that recent.
43:47 Based on this, people who aren’t there probably don’t get to vote.
51:51 Yeah, shepherd’s pie is actually minced shepherd meat cooked into a pie. Apparently it’s become a rare delicacy now that the number of shepherd’s has dramatically decreased.

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