Ark of the Covenant

Indiana Jones

Kind of like bring your kids to work day: bring your kids to cult day!

This is a classic 80’s trilogy, and if you’re wondering why we did it now, well Steven Spielberg has that movie coming out. You know, Ready Player One. And that was the only thing we could come up with in March to capitalize on. The only thing we wanted to capitalize on really. It’s Indiana Jones, released in 1981, 1984, and 1989.


3:11 Raiders must have been an interesting movie to make.
7:11 Here’s the full transcript of the discussion. This thing is 90 pages long.
8:46 That would be Nevada Smith.
10:27 Check out some of the stuff they cut out of Raiders in this 1979 draft.
13:36 Read more about Raiders casting.
14:41 Patrick Wilson.
18:36 Yeah I guess I do know this theme.
18:53 All the Peru scenes in Raiders were done in Hawaii.
26:24 More about the “dark” times Spielberg and Lucas were going through before Temple of Doom.
27:48 And some people didn’t really like it.
40:20 This interview.
51:22 Pryde of the X-Men. I always forget about that Spider-Man voting thing at the beginning.

Also check out, pretty good site for IJ info, and we used a lot of the info from here. Not sure if it’s all true though.

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