Attack of the Clones

Star Wars (the prequel trilogy)

If he’s the key I don’t want to see what the lock looks like.

This month we tortured ourselves with the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Unless you’re Kiyan, then you discovered a newfound appreciation for actual trash. This is George Lucas’ magnum opus. Or as close to it as he’s ever going to get. The prequel trilogy was released in 1999, 2002, and 2005, respectively.


2:41 Background stuff about Star Wars. This also covers the lead-up to Episode III, the best of the prequel trilogy.
4:31 The making of Episode I full documentary. Now might be a good time to drop this other Episode I behind the scenes stuff. And while we’re at it here’s more. Heck, here’s seven archived pages of stuff from 1999.
6:56 Spottraining.
10:16 UNSOLICITED. Her name was Robin Gurland I guess.
15:00 FUTURE.
24:13 Still good.
25:55 Check out our other podcast, Dust your Doctor.
28:56 Episode II documentary.
35:48 yeah that’s right, the kid who played kid Anakin now has schizophrenia.

Other stuff:
Yoda vs. Dooku
Darth Vader costume
Kashyyk, however you spell it

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