Bill Lyons

Episode 47: It’s a Better Quarry! (Games)

In the end it’s still just a quarry though.

This podcast isn’t just a game, you know. I think everybody thinks it’s just a game, because we have so much fun, but this is serious business. This podcast has a serious following and serious work that goes into it. So don’t be deceived. It’s Games, written by Bill Lyons and aired on November 16, 1981.


4:42 Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time, or TOMTIT for all you laypeople out there, first appeared in The Time Monster and later made another appearance in The Quantum Archangel.
14:31 Rocky 4 really took the franchise in a bold new direction.
35:47 Warehouse 13 is the sequel to Warehouse 12.
38:20 Bastard swan
47:20 Thanks, St. Clinton and Chris Ridd.
53:52 A few sources say Paul Darrow had his legs amputated (one above the knee, one below) because of an aortic aneurysm. The second link is that sci-fi prop forum I linked to a long time ago by the way.

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The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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