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178: Banana Supremacy (The Girl in the Fireplace)

Ninety-nine bushels of bananas on the wall…

I have a girl in my fireplace so I don’t know what’s wrong with that really. Although actually now that I think about it my fireplace is gas burning, so maybe I’ve just been hallucinating her this entire time… It’s The Girl in the Fireplace, written by Stephen Moffat and aired on May 6, 2006.


7:06 I think it was Ghost in the Machine.
13:19 Wow. There you go I guess.
30:56 Not all of them, just most of them.
48:50 The Turk.
49:30 Which you can get here. This actually sounds kind of good.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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