Crime and Punishment

Episode 8: Pride and Prejudice and Blake’s 7 (Duel)

The best Jane Austen rewrite is the one that features Kerr Avon.

This episode is pretty beloved. Not this episode of Blake’s 7, this episode of Zenith. It’s basically all down hill from here is what I’m saying. It’s Duel, written by Terry Nation and aired on February 20, 1978.


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6:43 Eureka Seven is a Japanese animated series and one of my favorite tv series of all time. It’s heavily inspired by Blake’s 7.
20:44 War has changed.
25:22 I’ve never seen Darmok, but that alien looks pretty dumb. Just saying.
26:18 Martian Odyssey is a short story. Tweel for president.
26:40 The Martian is a 2015 comedy movie starring Matt Damon.
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28:07 The Diamond Lens was actually written in 1858, but it’s still pretty insane and good.
32:04 This song from The Life of David Gale is used in a bunch of movie trailers.
32:42 Johan Johansson. RIP in pieces. Also, it’s called Sun’s Gone Dim.
43:05 Couldn’t find one for Crime and Punishment, but there’s always Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer.

Blake’s 7 © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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