The First Purge

Honestly surprised Hollywood hasn’t made a gritty Pooh reboot.

This week we purge our bad feelings about podcasting. We just kind of vomit it all out into the recording and then boom it kind of just happens. You know. We purged, so all our episodes should be good for the next year now I think. It’s The First Purge, written by James DeMonaco, directed by¬†Gerard McMurray and release on July 4, 2018.


6:54 Gone Girl is an ok movie with Ben Affleck in it. Also it was directed by David Fincher.
11:20 CheckOutTrustYourDoctorOurDoctorWhoPodcast
19:27 UFO is UFO.
20:57 Destroyer is pretty awesome. Dietrich Smith did the illustrations.
23:46 The Bluest Eye was Toni Morrison’s first novel.
25:17 Best Mark Twain.
28:51 Before the Law by Franz Kafka.
39:30 Wow can’t believe Children of Men was a box office failure.
51:38 Danger 5 podcast never.

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