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Audio 5: Wolf Catapult ft. Flight Through Entirety (Bang-Bang-a-Boom)

My cunning plan to win Eurovision is to bring a Wolf Catapult to my performance.

This week we’re joined by Brendan and Nathan for what is quite possibly the most inefficient (but surely the most interesting) summary of a Doctor Who story in existence. The four hosts proceed to spend about 2 hours explaining the 2 hour long story. It might just be quicker to read the wikipedia page for the story while listening to it. But that wouldn’t be as fun, now would it? We also spend upwards of 10 minutes just trying to end the episode. It’s Bang -Bang-a-Boom! written by Gareth Edwards and Clayton Hickman and released in December of 2002. Bang-Bang-a-Boom! can be purchased for $3 (or your local equivalent) on Big Finish’s website.


10:56 The Mostly Made-up Doctor Who Episode Guide is still one of the best Doctor Who podcasts out there. Why don’t you, uh, go and, uh, take a listen to them? Uh? Right there. Go on. Do it.
7:56 And now with the magic of the internet you can listen to Lulu’s Boom Bang a Bang from Eurovision 1969 whenever you want. Relive the glory days with the power of modern technology. And get off my lawn. There’s not wifi on my lawn.
9:24 Something something something about rights, bla bla, where’s all the cool stuff like those holographic wolves?
13:33 Space:1999: for dummies: like us: cause we knew nothing about it: the wiki article: the animated series: the movie.
35:52 Here’s drwhoguide. Last updates 22-DEC-2013.
1:00:10 Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Follow them. Just like Shia did.
1:47:12 Flight Through Entirety. Also find them at all the other usual places like Facer, Twitbook, etc.

To make your job a bit easier, here’s some links to audios Brendan mentioned: The One DoctorLuna Romana, And the Pirates, The High Price of Parking (the first Mel&Ace one), The Dark Husband, The Wrong  Doctors, The Kingmaker, Red

Doctor Who © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Keff McCulloch.

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