Book 2: It’s Fun to Have Fun (The English Way of Death) Ft. Flight Through Entirety

I’ve been told that having fun is pretty great.

This is a very special episode of Trust Your Doctor. Before I get into that, can I mention how difficult titling this is? “Ft. Flight Through Entirety” is the most space saving way to credit the crossover, but it’s not entirely accurate. We only got two hosts (again) of Flight Through Entirety, although this time it’s Nathan and Richard rather than Nathan and Brendan. It’ll do as a title though, as it is rather representative of the episode anyway. Didn’t I make this same point last time?

Well anyway, this crossover we talk (yet again) about a Doctor Who novel from the wilderness years. Let me stop you again, and rephrase that a bit more accurately. The hosts attempt to talk about a Doctor Who novel, with…. varying degrees of success. This time it’s The English Way of Death, written by Gareth Roberts and published on the 21st of March, 1996. It was recently republished (in 2015) as part of the Doctor Who History Collection, and you can find that republish on Amazon. The English Way of Death takes place immediately after The Romance of Crime (another Gareth Roberts novel), which takes place between Creature From the Pit and Nightmare of Eden.

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