Episode 7: Agatha Christie in Space (Mission to Destiny)

I think I might have used this as a title before…

I think Terry Nation is out of ideas. Just flat out, like, I’m sure he just kind of read the back of his orange juice in the morning and tore the label off to give to Chris Boucher. It’s Mission to Destiny, written by Terry Nation, and aired on February 13, 1978.


1:33 I wonder how bad this 2017 version is. Then again I wonder how bad the original is.
3:04 Guerrilla I guess. Not exactly but oh well.
11:52 It’s his last name. His first name is Olag, which I would make me think twice, double take, and spit out my drink.
13:18 Children of the Stones has Gareth Thomas playing a geologist who moves to a rural village when weird things start happening. It;s pretty good and only 7 episodes, so just watch it. Try this version edited together into a 2 and half hour movie, cause the original series feels like a chopped up movie anyway.
33:41 Not that I can find. Perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to break into the adding laugh tracks to shows without laugh tracks field.
34:08 Fresh Off the Boat is an example of a garbage American sitcom. Surprisingly based off of a book.
34:17 Oh god.

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