Four to Doomsday

121: Bringing Down the Apocalypse (Four to Doomsday)

It’s like bringing down the house… but… not?

This week we swiftly move into the most bizarre misinterpretation of a character on the show so far. And that’s in a show that gave us Edge of Destruction, so you know this has to be ridiculous. It’s Four to Doomsday, written by Terence Dudley and aired in January of 1982.


0:33 He’s from Keeper of Traken. And K9 and Company. Yeah, this is the guy who directed A Girl’s Best Friend.
8:12 Yeah. Uh. Yup. Just gonna leave that there. And this.
9:00 Scientists recently detected the gravitational waves that Einstein predicted a century ago. Here’s what Nasa had to say about it. Great job guys. Only took like 100 years.
39:16 Turn down your speakers/headphones.

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