Episode 38: Steven Pacey and the Rules of War (Death-Watch)

Rule 1. We only allow clones of Steven Pacey in our army.

This week we time travel back to Ancient Rome, or we would, if this was Doctor Who. Instead we bring Ancient Rome into the future, because this is Blake’s 7 where everything is in the FUTUREEE. It’s Death-Watch, written by Chris Boucher and aired on March 24, 1980.


9:55 Well the New York Times seems to think its a problem.
19:34 Why is the Princess Bride such a cult hit? It’s not even that good.
28:04 The Purge is a pretty recent movie franchise that asks the question “What if crime was legal for 24 hours?” It’s really not as interesting as it sounds. We discussed it a couple months ago for our movie trilogy podcast, Triple Play.
50:16 Flight Through Entirety is a Doctor Who podcast that does the same thing our Doctor Who podcast does (watch all of Doctor Who in order), only much better.

Blake’s 7 © The BBC
Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.
The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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