Episode 21: Eyepatch Fetish (Hostage)

Don’t you get any ideas, Hollywood.

This week’s episode is a doozy. It’s a weird one, it’s kind of uncomfortable, and we were really weird and woozy because it was midnight when we started recording this. Which means it’s one of the funniest episodes we’ve recorded. Maybe. It’s Hostage, written by Allan Prior and aired on February 27, 1979.


2:59 Black Mirror is a tv series.
8:32 This isn’t the original site I found it on, but this site also has the Vila’s Emails fanfic.
13:09 Considering Kevin Stoney has 187 acting credits, I’d say he was in a lot.
23:13 Tron was an early example of computer animation in movies.
25:31 Here’s the interview with Sally Knyvette. This is also the same one where she talks about her name.
28:51 The Expanse is the best sci-fi show on television. You heard it here first.
28:59 Killjoys is pretty fun. You heard it here first.
30:00 Oswald was some lucky rabbit or something. Hell if I know.

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