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246: Do Androids Dream of Electric Peeps? (The Name of the Doctor)

I’m pretty sure electric peeps would suck even worse than normal peeps.

You know, we kind of have experience with dealing with something we like to pretend doesn’t exist. It’s called Trust Your Doctor, Episode 1. We even rerecorded it like 5 years later, and then literally replaced it in the podcast feed so no one would see the original version. Kind of like our version of the War Doctor. Except you can still totally find episode 1. As if I’d tell you where though. It’s Name of the Doctor, written by Steven Moffat and aired on May 18, 2013.


18:20 According to Paul’s Unofficial Letterbox Pages, “Most houses in Britain have a letter box in the front door, usually a simple slot with a flap over it, through which the post is delivered each morning.” No mention of personal mailboxes outside people’s houses like you see in the states.
21:25 And thus the essence of all crime is undivulged.
20:19 I think the only thing I’ve linked to more than this River Song timeline is the asteroid/meteor/meteorite differences table thing from nasa.
25:08 Arrival is a movie about alien linguistics.
33:49 Some of the best J.K. Rowling tweets.
55:02 Check out our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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