The Star Wars Holiday Special

“In the arms…. of… a wooookieee… FLY AWAAAAY.”

You may notice something a bit different. Or maybe not, maybe you totally missed it. The podcast has been decked out in full holiday attire with a temporary intro and outro from the Nutcracker ballet. Consider it the Triple Play Holiday Special, an hour long jokes fest about the Star Wars Holiday Special. Which was aired on November 17, 1978. No seriously, this is our Holiday Special. We made it up on the spot; it’s literally just a string of dumb jokes. And as a bonus, it’s way better than the Star Wars one. Enjoy.

Torture yourself with the Holiday Special itself here.

As an aside, sorry, the audio clips a lot as a result of us laughing so much. There’s also a lot of sniffing. Winter just set in, and we weren’t prepared.

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