Kevin Clarke

157: Brutally Stabbed in the Literal Back (Silver Nemesis)


This week it’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of Kennedy’s Assassination! No, that’s not right. What else happened around that time? It’s Silver Nemesis, written by Kevin Clarke and aired November and December of 1988.


5:18 Because of this crap. Thanks people of the past. Thanks for doing this. Calculating dates is really something your descendants wanted to do.
15:17 If you don’t already know what that is then you probably don’t want to…
21:28 The first one is the good one. The second one is the one with the octopus face guy. The third one is the one with the ship in a desert. The fourth one is the pretty bad one. The fifth one is the one that’s not out yet. Hope that clears it up.
34:52 Jesus… Well, at least the show has come a long way in some ways. Making a better looking costume on a tiny budget is one of those ways.
37:25 Don’t believe me?
37:35 Still don’t believe me?
38:51 No.
39:03 Check out our other podcast, Triple Play. We talk about movies and stuff. Mostly stuff. We did an episode about Star Wars. We also did like 20 other episodes about not Star Wars.

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