Fan Fiction Reading 1: Lava Pirates

Not to be confused with Space Pirates.

Hi there. Kiyan here for once (these things are usually written by Dylan). So, like you may already be aware of, the Fourth Doctor retrospective we had planned with Krynoid Podcast has been delayed. I’m almost never sick, so of course I’d come down with fever, cough, and a bunch of other trash a day or so before we planned to record. So the retrospective is still happening, but later. We’re still working out when. Hopefully next week. But in the meantime, since we had nothing else to put out this week, we decided to do… this. In what I guess is our first ever fan fiction reading, Dylan sits down to read through a weird little story I wrote in November 2014 called Lava Pirates. It features several of my favorite First and Second Doctor villains as “lava pirates” on their quest to find the legendary Dalekenium Orb. Hope you enjoy it.

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