148: Why are we Supposed to Care Again? (Mindwarp)

Peri’s supposedly dead and we don’t care. Kind of like Crozier when Yiv started dying.

The greatest Doctor Who writer ever returns. Philip Martin. Why is he the greatest? Well he created Sil, the best villain we’ve ever had. The Ferengi slash Slug hybrid is the most conniving and genius person who’s ever faced off against the Doctor. It’s Mindwarp, aired in October of 1986.


5:07 It’s actually six species. I guess. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never watched Start Wreck. I mean Star Trek.
10:11 Hmmm… I think I do.
14:41 Please let this be true.
15:21 Luckily they didn’t go down that route. And I’m sure they wouldn’t pull something like retconning it into happening in a later serial, right? Ha ha.
23:42 Definitely don’t not check out our other podcast, Treble Plane. Though the X-Men episode we talk about here doesn’t come out until like March.
32:33 What most people don’t know is that the theme building at LAX was actually converted from a crashed alien spacecraft back in the 60s. No wonder it looks so futuristic and out of place.
32:55 3 seconds of Google brought me to this list of iconic buildings. Yeah some of these are pretty cool. Probably pretty famous too. Not sure if they’re top-3-worthy though.

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