Muhammed Ali


I’ve got a delivery here for Mr. Schreiber?

Well this is a little unfortunate. This movie was pretty lackluster at best, and outright bad at worst. Which is a shame because you’d think the “real life Rocky” would have a much much better movie. Something on the order of, oh I don’t know. Rocky. It’s Chuck, directed by Philippe Falardeau, and released on May 5, 2017.


6:40 Scream 2 opening.
7:25 Blazing Saddles is a documentary about the American west.
7:40 Naked Gun is mockumentary about the American west.
8:14 Bedtime Stories is a biopic (pronounced biop-ic) about the American west.
10:14 Chuck is a found-footage-style docu-mockumentary about the American west.
13:59 Bohemian Rhapsody is a viral video about European colonization in the western hemisphere.
24:48 It was Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance. Not surprised to find out it was from Lifetime. Also I was thinking of Catherine Middleton.
32:14 Lock Up is a movie about good old Sly Stallone going to jail.
37:23 First Man is a scrapbooking project about the Great Plains.
47:53 The Imitation Game is a movie about Alan Turing.

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