Planet of Fire

138: Where’s My Pro-War Serial? (Planet of Fire)

War is the future. War is our destiny.

This week we get two companion write outs! Two! Although I don’t think Kamelion can really be considered a companion so much as a plot device really. Turlough, on the other hand, one of the most fleshed out characters that’s not The Doctor. It’s Planet of Fire, written by Peter Grimwade and aired in February and March of 1984.


6:17 It’s called Shell Shock in case anyone’s interested.
29:06 Yeah, kinda.
39:21 Or black… orchids!!!
55:01 Here it is. That cloudy sky, that damp vegetation, how it looks like it just rained and is probably gonna start raining again soon… just another typical day in Southern California. 🙂
56:20 Oh yeah, these things. I remember those things. They were gross.

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