Episode 14: Blake’s on a Plane (Redemption)

I’m tired of this monday to… wait I’ve used this before.

This week we move from Series A into Series B, which means we’re past a quarter way now. This are going to get pretty different around here, we’ve finally gotta Terry Nation out of the writer’s chair, just not yet. No, first we have to wipe out all possibility of backstory for the Liberator. It’s Redemption, written by Terry Nation and aired on January 9, 1979.


13:21 What does God need with a starship? Heck if I know.
32:11 Another Star Trek thing, the Borg are cyborgs I guess. Possibly kind of like the Voord from Doctor Who. The more detailed Big Finish Voord I mean. Not the guys in wetsuits Voord from Key of Marinus.
40:40 Mostly Made Up Doctor Who Episode Guide is one of the best Doctor Who podcasts ever. Too bad I had to unsubscribe since they thought 42 was just ok.
44:48 If you somehow don’t know, Radio Free Skaro is probably the most popular/famous Doctor Who podcast out there.
44:57 Here’s the Suzan Farmer “tribute” thing.
45:41 Check out Triple Play, a podcast where we discuss movie trilogies.
47:07 Also check out Trust Your Doctor, our Doctor Who podcast.

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