Episode 44: Showing People This Episode is Against the Geneva Conventions (Animals)

But do it anyway.

Hold on to your butts, this is about to get weird. Everyone else seems to hate Animals. Then again, everyone else seems to love Orac. That’s not to say we loved Animals. No far from it. Just. Well just listen for yourself. It’s Animals, written by Allan Prior and aired on October 26, 1981.


19:54 Creme de menthe recipe.
24:14 Here’s a picture of the Raza from Dark Matter.
29:35 Kevin Stoney was in tons of other stuff. Here’s the full list according to imdb.
38:23 Bla bla bla, Doctor Who podcast, bla bla bla
47:16 Ultraforce is currently owned by Marvel. Ultraforce movie when.
1:06:16 Argy, who discussed Sarcophagus with us, was on our Doctor Who podcast Trust Your Doctor to discuss The Doctor’s Wife.

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