Simon Masters

Episode 51: Most Over-Exaggerated Glass (Warlord)

As you can tell I forgot to find a good title this week.

The end is nigh. And by nigh I mean, it’s nearly here. Next week, Blake, then two more episodes, then…? It’s over. On the bright side we’ve been forming a coalition of people to take over the job for us. That way you can still get Blake’s 7 content but without us, so we can actually sleep for a while, without having to panic because it’s Monday and I haven’t edited the Zenith episode. That last part is true, by the way. It’s Warlord, written by Simon Masters and aired on December 14, 1981.


1:30 This is probably the first time I haven’t instinctively pronounced Z-Cars as “zee cars.”
1:42 Emmerdale is a long-running tv show. The Cluedo tv series is actually a game show. There seems to be a Cluedo drama out there too, but the dates on the IMDB credit for Simon Masters correspond to the game show. Rough Justice and Dallas are other tv shows I’ve never heard of.
5:29 Footage of the location used in this episode 30-ish years later.
14:15 This is what The Experimental Imagination is about kind of. Also James Thomson’s Winter is one of the best poems.
18:16 Foundation is a book series by Isaac Asimov.
21:50 Yeah, these wigs are kind of like Zeeona’s.
1:07:25 Next time Jim from the Krynoid Podcast will be joining us.

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