The Bells of St. John

239: It’s Not a Leaf, It’s a Bomb (The Bells of Saint John)

Who could have seen that coming?

I’m actually pretty sure the first time I saw this episode I thought Moffat was really clever for the whole “bells of St. John” thing. And you know, I still do. On the other hand though, he’s aware enough to make a joke about it, but where did the St. John’s Ambulance logo go during all those years between like 1970-something and now? In universe the exterior design of the TARDIS isn’t supposed to change so… where dit that logo go? It’s The Bells of St. John, written by Stephen Moffat and aired on March 30, 2013.


4:31 Neuralink is the company Elon Musk started to create real Cybermen. And no, he doesn’t live in the house he was born in. Lol.
8:10 BBC article about how American accents resemble the British accents of a couple hundred years ago.
12:33 Summer Falls was actually published as an ebook.
22:17 National Geographic footage of a deep-sea squid interacting with bombs.
23:03 A painting by Banksy was put up for auction a few months ago and was shredded as soon as it was sold.
38:38 David Tenant started a new podcast last month.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Murray Gold.

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