The Mark of the Rani

143: Pretty Badly Choreographed (The Mark of the Rani)

I question whether the choreographers even knew how to read a choreograph.

So, the universe is populated by more rogue time lords than we thought. Seriously, every week it feels like they add another one. This time it’s The Mark of the Rani, written by Pip and Jane Baker and aired in February of 1985.


5:33 Yup.
5:49 Another 30 seconds on google only brought up Doctor Who stuff, so I guess it’s a totally original name. This blog gives an explanation of the name (using this as a source) but who knows how true it is? Either way, I really like “Parabola Rainbow Moondancer Galadriel.” That should have been her name.
12:54 The wiki lists a lot more, including Susan and Drax. How could we have forgotten Drax?
16:16 This one. I almost forgot how not good at all Family Guy is.
22:33 No!! NOOO!!!!
32:53 Yeah, it’s a gyroscope.

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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Peter Howell.

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