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The Dollars Trilogy

Kiyan and Dylan should record this podcast in different languages.

Remember when I said that Year 2 of Triple Play was starting with high octane high stakes movies? Well that died immediately because this week we have The Dollars Trilogy, directed by Sergio Leone. Not necessarily not high octane, but we did come close to falling asleep while watching because of good decisions.


4:59 Including me. I’ve been called the greatest director of all time. Not sure what the guy who called me that was talking about cause I’m not a director.
5:30 So how did Leone and the spaghetti western get their start? Beats me, but I heard these sites have pretty decent write-ups.
8:20 More about the movie’s original title and release.
8:33 Meh.
11:29 He gets sent this pleasant letter and starts fanboying out. I wonder what Kurosawa did with all the money he made off of the movie. Maybe he bought a thousand chihuahuas.
20:22 You can read more about Morricone here. You can also watch this thing or something.
22:13 I get the strange impression that he doesn’t like questions about Back to the Future.
39:02 Specifically here.
40:21 More about that and more on the movie in general here.
47:28 Carla Leone.
52:46 Production code.

Here’s some other stuff we referenced in this. Some of them are documentaries I watched on Youtube that were broken up into multiple parts, so I’ll just link to the first part and you can find the rest easily.
Filming A Fistful of Dollars
Leone’s West
Short Leone interview
The Leone Style
Once Upon A Time: Sergio Leone
Ennio Morricone documentary
Sergio Leone – The Way I See Things
The Man With No Name

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