Troll 2

Best Worst Movie

And introducing, the one, the only, TROOOLLLLLLL 2!

Unsurprisingly there was very little expanded universe, well, “stuff” to do for the Troll “trilogy.” Perhaps that’s because Troll isn’t even really a trilogy, and not only that these movies flopped so badly when they came out pretty much every studio within a million years didn’t want to touch it with a twenty foot bottle of Nilbog Milk. It’s Best Worst Movie, written and directed by Michael Stephenson and premiered on March 14, 2009.


0:29 South by Southwest 2019 starts on March 8.
1:58 MST3K is a show about watching stuff. Kind of like this, but with more little-known movies that are usually considered poorly made. One of the most notoriously bad movies they ever covered was Manos: The Hands of Fate.
2:49 Birdemic and The Room are two other contenders for the worst movie of all time. I haven’t watched either but I doubt they’re worse than Troll 2.
5:41 Troll “trilogy” episode here.
11:20 Still can’t find the full script of the Troll 2 fan sequel, but it’s called Troll 3 Monstrous Beings if you want to try and find it yourself.
11:28 Trust Your Doctor is our Doctor Who podcast.
22:24 Her name was Deborah Reed. Apparently she has an interview in the dvd extras. Here’s the Troll 2 section of her blog. She’s also talked about Troll 2 in various interviews.
24:52 Chuck is a movie about Chuck Wepner, the guy who inspired Rocky.

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