Episode 32: When Does Murder Become Genocide? (City at the Edge of the World)

Pretty much right about now I think.

Have any of our listeners watched City at the Edge of Forever? I’m actually curious to know, I’m sure we have at least a few Star Trek fans in the audience, there has to be at least one. I’m sure of it. Come on. Just send us an email. It’s City at the Edge of the World, written by Chris Boucher, and aired on February 11, 1980.


1:59 City at the Edge of Forever is Star Trek episode. Never watched it or any episode of Star Trek actually but some of the imagery from the wiki page looks pretty cool.
4:18 Top Gear isn’t a tv show, it just means the topmost gear on any shelf. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a tv show. If they do, they’re lying.
18:27 Check out Trust Your Doctor if you like Doctor Who. Please.
19:30 Both the White Guardian and the Black Guardian were played by the same two actors in all their appearances on the tv show. Cyril Luckham played the White Guardian and Valentine Dyall played the Black Guardian.
30:34 Here you go. Knock yourself out. Didn’t even bother to read this article. Welcome to Zenith episode notes.
35:49 Josette Simon was born in November 1960, so she was actually only 19 when this aired, and probably 18 when it was made.

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