Childhood’s End 2 – The Deceivers

Warning: this episode is filled with deceit

I don’t know what exactly we’re deceiving you about but I know it’s somewhere in this episode. If you end up figuring out what it is, please let me know. Our email address is at the end of the episode, so  just listen until then and you can get it for yourself. It’s The Deceivers, written by Matthew Graham and aired on December 15, 2015.

2:00: To my (Dylan, the guy who edits these episodes but not the show-notes) surprise, Kiyan sounds the same as always on the recording though I will admit he did not sound the same on the Skype call. (Editor’s note: Yeah I sound almost exactly the same.)
3:26: Good news, dear listener, I have a link to this article (“A New Beginning for Childhood’s End”) right here.
10:20:: This link to goodreads has the version of the book we’re both talking about here.
18:50: I don’t even want to remember Rubber, so just watch this trailer for Rubber and call it a day. (And google if you want to know more I guess.)
26:47: We actually were talking about this on recording. I think the internet has completely destroyed my short-term memory by this point.
47:50: I actually tried to look for this sound effect online but my google-fu failed and I couldn’t find a good rip of it anywhere.
1:02:21: Were you killed? Sadly yes… but I lived!
1:09:17: Takes 2 seconds to look up . I’m holding this against them.
1:11:14: The Brave Little Toaster is a movie about a brave… little… toaster.
1:19:01: Gonna start my new coffee table book “Tractors that look like trampolines” with the poster for this TV show.
1:21:39: reject humanity, return to monke.
1:27:09: Because we didn’t want to do 7 people’s television and movie history in one episode… Kiyan.
1:32:37: Here I’ll link Evolve for you.
1:34:11: He didn’t just “work with Nine Inch Nails on a music video” he was a contributor in varying capacities (including programmer, remixer and performer on synthesizer and theremin) on half a dozen NIN albums and songs.

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