Firefly 15 – Serenity (Movie)

And in the end….

The people you kill are equal to the people you save. Or something like that. That’s how the song goes right? Because we’re at the end of another show and I really need to make hip topical references so the kids think I’m cool and stuff. Which means referencing hip cool trendy current music. It’s Serenity (2005), written by Joss Whedon and released on August 22, 2005.

3:06: This is not the video that Kiyan is referring to, but it’s related. Apparently in 2012 they did a “ten year anniversary” panel at comic con, and someone uploaded the full panel to YouTube.
7:34: Whedonesque was actually taken down this year (2021), so I’m going to link to the wikipedia page on Whedonesque rather than directly to the site.
14:04: I (Dylan) actually found the previous panel mentioned in 3:15 by looking for the panel Kiyan was talking about, so it would probably have been somewhat fruitless to try find the BTS features on YouTube.
14:36: Pretty sure we were saying here that Dailymotion has been the unsung hero of our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast. And if not, we should have been.
15:16: Don’t worry, here’s a link to Veoh for you.
17:14: His name was Monty.
22:41: I (Dylan) regret not bringing up Jubal Early asking what River could do and Simon responding (paraphrased)”I just found out she’s psychic idk what she can do”.
51:20: IT’S A TRAP.
1:03:20: It’s quite rare that a high school has its own Wikipedia page (Editor’s note: Nah), but Diamond Ranch High School does.
1:18:01: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by the one and only STC.
1:34:17: Here’s a bit on The Killer Angels in relation to Firefly.
1:51:22: Don’t worry I can link you straight to the “Cultural Impact” section of the Serenity page.
1:57:53: Here’s a link to information on Childhood’s End. We didn’t mention this on the episode, but we decided after recording that we’re also going to reread the book and talk about it as it comes up during the show, so if you’d like to do that before we start, perhaps find a copy of the book yourself.
1:58:27: What I’m referring to here is, of course, our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.

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