The Prisoner 14 – Living In Harmony

I prefer living in disharmony.

The old west is actually a pretty weird place to live if you think about it. Moreso than a lot of times in human history, you could just die at any time. Slice your face shaving? Sepsis. Get shot in the foot? Bleed out. Look at the guy in the saloon the wrong way? Death. Go to the brothel? STD. And your reward for putting up with all of this? Do you get to live in a nice hotel resort? No. You get a whole ton of dirt. Dirt and dust. It’s Living in Harmony, written by David Tomblin and aired on December 29, 1967.


8:45: According to Wikipedia, Arrival was first broadcast in the U.S. on CBS on Saturday, June 1, 1968.
31:35: If you want to listen to us do what we’re doing here but with shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood, check out our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.

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