UFO 17: The Dalotek Affair

I had an affair with a Dalek once.

No, I swear, I did! He was very loving. He treated me nicely and would always hunt down anybody who ever hurt me. If somebody said something mean to me he would exterminate them. If somebody got in my way he would destroy them. And if I did anything wrong he’d…. It’s The Dalotek Affair, written by Ruric Powell and aired on February 10, 1971.

2:30: For more on Doctor Who, make sure not to go to any other source besides Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast. Seriously, if you do, you’ll regret it, probably. Don’t even watch the actual show, just listen to our episodes.
6:20: I don’t know anything about these writers except the first 20 pages of Gravity’s Rainbow so I’ll let Kiyan link anything more about them (if he wants). (Editor’s note: meh, I’ll just take the path of least resistance and link Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo on wikipedia. Le mao.
7:19: Good news, PopApostle is making its triumphant return to the podcast through their Dalotek Affair page.
19:10: About 6 hours after this podcast, Kiyan saying “just another day in the life of me” would take on a more sinister meaning. No, I will not elaborate, I just think it’s funny to say.
36:55: How have we still not internalized the difference between meteors, meteorites, and asteroids after all these years.
47:00: We talked about Torchwood over on Trust Your Doctor, and retcon is a drug used on that show to erase people’s minds.
50:04: Our listeners in the UK might not know what Nickelodeon slime is so here. This is what Nickelodeon slime is.

Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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