UFO 22: Confetti Check A-OK

The More Things Change, The More They Come in Clutch.

When I have parties at the airport they always make me do a confetti check when I leave. It’s required! I have to go through the metal detector, then the wand, then an x-ray machine, then an air blower, then a magnet… look it’s a whole process to get all the confetti out. Don’t even ask why it’s necessary because I don’t know. It’s Confetti Check A-OK written by Tony Barwick and aired on July 10, 1971.

25:23: Don’t worry the Gerry Anderson wiki is here with everything you want to know (and more) about Henderson.
30:31: Why do we hear our own voices deeper? CNN has all the answers.
53:12: Something something Stranger Things affects our music taste.
56:30: I didn’t even bother to find the tweet I was talking about.
1:03:20: According to Libsyn we have 91 episodes of Inevitable (if you include this one). Also I said Children of the Stones when I meant Childhood’s End.

Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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