UFO 23: Sound of Silence

The real sound of silence is how crappy Kiyan’s audio is this week.

Something something I could make a song reference here but it just seems too easy so why would I do that? Instead I’m just going to ramble at length about literally nothing. Just kidding, I won’t do that. Instead I’ll just end this description here. It’s The Sound of Silence written by David Lane and Bob Bell and aired on July 17, 1971.

Based on these pictures of collies, it probably was a collie.
19:59: For more on Blake’s 7, check out our Blake’s 7 podcast, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.
21:12: The Box of Delights was an adptation of a fantasy novel, so it makes sense Kiyan would watch it. (Editor’s note: What, why?) Also, join me in the reignition of my PTSD with the outro theme and credits from Come Back Mrs Noah.
The site is actually called “does the dog die?” and it has way more than just whether or not the dog dies.
30:28: Don’t it.
52:46: Star Maidens is a British-German science-fiction show…

Any other references belong to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended by this podcast.

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