UFO 4 – Conflict

This week on Inevitable: mild conflict over whether this episode is good or not.

Was Conflict good? Was it bad? Don’t worry, it’s all up to you. We  just sit here and talk about the episode for an hour and that’s about all we’re good at, if you think about it. We can really lay on those plot summaries like nobody else. Enough talk, it’s Conflict, written by Ruric Powell and aired on October 7, 1970.

1:00: I was probably actually thinking of how often Loki says he has “glorious purpose”.
5:47: Realizing I need to link the TARDIS wiki page on Yates since a bunch of our fans are probably not Doctor Who fans. (Editor’s note: here’s the page on Benton for good measure. And the page on Yeats. Why not? For more on anything related to Doctor Who, check out the definitive source on the show sanctioned by the BBC itself: our Doctor Who podcast, Trust Your Doctor: A Doctor Who Podcast.)
29:23: I bet Kiyan will link this episode of Evangelion. (Editor’s note: No, but it was episode 11.)
30:19: Yeah, it’s Peter Carlin, not George Carlin.
44:42: Looks like Destination Moonbase Alpha was compiled from episodes of Space: 1999 if I’m reading this correctly.
46:40: “Don’t worry, I decided not to do it so Kiyan could have the satisfaction of doing it for himself.” -Dylan, 2022. Be sure to check out Delayed Replay, a podcast by friend of the show Steven Shinder.
48:20: If for some reason you want to listen to us talk about Blake’s 7 more than we do here, check out the entire podcast we did on it, Zenith: A Blake’s 7 Podcast.
49:53: Based on the Webster definition of “fray” it is definitely not the word I wanted to use here.

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