119: It’s More of a Mauve (Logopolis)

Mauve is defined as a pale purple. Which means purple is still correct.

This week we come to the end of an era. Yes truly, Tom Baker has finally regenerated and Peter Davison has taken on the mantle of the Doctor. It’s Christopher Hamilton Bidmead’s Logopolis, aired in February and March of 1981.


1:15 They did bring back the “Doctor Who” credit in the reboot. And then, this time at David Tennant’s request, they changed it back to “The Doctor” again.
4:51 Apparently Tegan comes from the Welsh word for “fair.” Can’t say I’ve ever heard it. And this Tegan was like the third result on Google when I googled it, so how common could it be?
18:38 It’s actually “Logopolitans.” Just to set the record straight.
24:57 Palpatine. Something tells me he wants Anakin to do “it.” But what could “it” possibly be? Surely not killing Christopher Lee…
28:48 My guess is that they’re going to brush it off with a single passing line next story!
33:18 It’s actually from Meglos.

Doctor Who © The BBC
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The Doctor Who title music was originally composed by Ron Grainer. The version used in this episode was arranged by Peter Howell.

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