Episode 42: Bleak’s 7 (Traitor)

It’s even bleak visually, it’s all brown.

One of the two of us is a dirty, dirty traitor who sold out the podcast. Can you guess which one of us two it is? It’s probably pretty obvious but you know, why not try and guess anyway? It’s Traitor, written by Robert Holmes and aired on October 12, 1981.


7:01 Killer was the one with the virus, not the one with IMIPAK. Still a great episode.
10:24 Check out Trust Your Doctor, our Doctor Who podcast. We’ve been watching Doctor Who in order from the beginning for almost 5 years now.
18:44 I just chucked Chuck onto the list of shows I’m going to watch someday.
47:02 According to the 5 seconds I just spent on Google, “south” in Afrikaans can be either “zuid” or “suid.”
49:59 I’m glad the Crush, Texas incident took place in the 1800s. Makes it more funny for some reason.

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The Blake’s 7 title music was originally composed by Dudley Simpson.

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