Episode 42: Bleak’s 7 (Traitor)

It’s even bleak visually, it’s all brown.

One of the two of us is a dirty, dirty traitor who sold out the podcast. Can you guess which one of us two it is? It’s probably pretty obvious but you know, why not try and guess anyway? It’s Traitor, written by Robert Holmes and aired on October 12, 1981.


7:01 Killer was the one with the virus, not the one with IMIPAK. Still a great episode.
10:24 Check out Trust Your Doctor, our Doctor Who podcast. We’ve been watching Doctor Who in order from the beginning for almost 5 years now.
18:44 I just chucked Chuck onto the list of shows I’m going to watch someday.
47:02 According to the 5 seconds I just spent on Google, “south” in Afrikaans can be either “zuid” or “suid.”
49:59 I’m glad the Crush, Texas incident took place in the 1800s. Makes it more funny for some reason.

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I think the first six episodes of series D suffer from the fact that they weren’t written with Soolin in mind originally. It does sort of get better from episode 7 onwards.

Robert Holmes is on poor form in this episode. He is so much capable of better than this. The up coming episode Orbit is much better but I will not spoil it for you now but wait until then.

David Sullivan Proud Foot: Yes it does sound like a pseudonym doesn’t it but no, he was a real person. He died in 2002 aged 67. He directed three episodes, Traitor, Stardrive and Assassin. I think he was fired during the making of Assassin, he directed the location filming but for the studio work I think Vere Lorrimer took over uncredited as I think at the time there was a rule you couldn’t be credited both producer and director. According to IMDb Proud Foot never worked again after Blake’s 7.

You should name next weeks podcast Punks in Space.

I live in the north east of England by the way.

Chris Boucher is pronounced closer to bow-cher. Fisrt part like the front of a ship and second part like the singer Cher.

I only recently learned that Glynis Barber is of South African descent too. Barber is her married name from her first marriage. She married young I think but the marriage only lasted a couple of years. I think she was already divorced when she played the Mutoid in Project Avalon. She later married her co-star in the crime drama series Dempsey and Makepeace, Michael Brandon and I think they had two children together. They are still married to this day as far as I know. During the production of series D Barber and Pacey were having a romantic relationship.

Jurgen van de Sanden

On the subject of Saffas and Afrikaans, “zuid” is exactly how we would write “south” in Dutch.

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