Eastrail 177 Trilogy

“Unbreakable? more like unbearable”

Lots of places refer to this as the Eastrail 177 trilogy since it’s based heavily around that train, so that’s what we’re going with here today.

2:50: Anyone claiming Glass to be worse than Beverly Hills Chihuahua is just lost in my book. Good thing Kiyan left the podcast so I can make fun of him for this in the show-notes.
7:50: I’m pretty sure the running into each other story is in this making of documentary video thing, but I’m not gonna watch the entire thing to check.
20:15: I already link this video in the previous shownote above.
23:39: Here’s the poster for Unbreakable, which does look quite boring honestly.
23:42: And here’s the poster for Angels and Demons, god look at that awful editing.
26:51: Tarantino on Unbreakable.
28:11: Avatar whitewashing
37:15: Much of what proceeds about Split was taken from this oral history that was published on rotten tomatoes.
38:30: Yes, M. Knight was involved in writing Stuart Little, mindblowing.
1:06:26: Yeah I probably couldn’t recognize any of these musical cues anymore.

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