Dylan here. While editing this I remembered that we recorded this while I had covid. Yep. A year ago I had covid and I still sat down to  record and now I can’t even edit one episode on time. How the mighty have fallen. I dunno man, we watched Atlantis, Treasure Planetand Princess Bride.  Also this podcast is explicit, if you’re offended by bad language look away.

2:33: And, ironically, both podcasts that didn’t last as long as Triple Play. Take that!
8:50: Rubber is not really that great imho.
10:50: Oh yeah this podcast is explicit. Hell yeah.
20:20: Alright fair, the sound track to Tarzan though is a real banger. Actually here, listen to this random track I picked for you.
23:12: Everything I’m reading off of for Atlantis: Milo’s Return is right from Wikipedia.
26:09: Given the quality of superhero movies in 2023, Kiyan may be getting his wish.
36:17: Here’s the banger Treasure Planet poster we’re talking about.
41:53: We’ve had an entire additional season of Strange New Worlds since this podcast went up.
44:53: Here’s Caramelldansen for everyone in the audience who doesn’t know what it is. Oh and here’s Flubber too I guess while I’m at it.
54:54: I’ve gone through two other roommates since this roommate lived with me. Wild.
58:37: Nah, the funny irreverent move is to leave everything as it is because I’m lazy.
1:09:32: Go to There, you have the link now. And here’s Delayed Replay. Also, since we recorded this episode Steven put out a new book: Trespassing Through the Visages. It’s pretty good, go check it out.

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